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Air Dry Fluoropolymer Coatings


Room Temperature Cured Fluoropolymer Coatings

        FluoroShine is a fluoropolymer coatings made up of two-components of PFEVE fluorine resin cured at room temperature. Because it is cured at room temperature it can be widely used on steel structures and other organic or inorganic materials that can not be subjected to the high temperatures of the curing process. It is the most widely used of the fluoropolymer coatings with the best weathering performance.

        The PFEVE-chlorotrifluoroethylene ether polymer has a very stable molecular structure, and due to the activity of the hydroxyl group with the curing agent during curing at room temperature, creates a dense coating structure that has anti-corrosive characteristics. This gives coatings strong resistances to chemicals and corrosion and prevents ultraviolet decomposition. FluoroShine’s unique properties, unlike other similar coatings, is that its formula contains valuable inorganic ceramic coatings. These inorganic ceramic coatings have all passed 10 years of Florida’s exposure tests, certifying that they resist ultraviolet light.

        When used in combination with PFEVE fluorine resin, it ensures that the coating has the ideal weathering performance. FluoroShine TM is especially resistant to acids, alkalis, chemicals, corrosion, and ultraviolet degradation, able to withstand long-term outdoor environments without any change to the coating itself. It is the ideal coating for the protection of buildings and will make sure your building permanently retains its initial look. FluoroShine meets the international AAMA 2605 standard for coating weathering performance.

        FluoroShine can be used on metallic substrates (steel, copper, aluminum, and other metals etc.), organic substrates (wood, plastics, plywood, etc.), inorganic substrates (ceramics, glass, and stone, etc. ), widely used for wall structures, roofing, railings, bridges, mechanical equipment, and transportation vehicles such as airplanes, locomotives, boats, and even city markers in road traffic. Fluorofine would make a fine choice for every situation that requires stringent surface protection.

        The FluoroShine coating can be applied by being sprayed, paint rolled, or brush rolled. The process can be carried out both at the production plant or on the scene. FluoroShine has excellent adhesive properties, and can attach itself readily to almost any material surface. Because of the longevity of Fluoropolymer coatings, a single coat maintains itself for many years, and coupled with light maintenance, saves up on sustenance and scaffold costs.

        FluoroShine can be mixed to create individual colours, metallic colours, pearlescent colours, and other special colours of high, medium, and low gloss, providing designers and proprietors a wealth of colours and patterns for the desired aesthetic effect. For more information please contact Fineshine, our colour specialists would be glad to help.