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Coil Powder Coatings


       Development in the alteration of the coiled coating into powder form has been underway for many years now. Overseas, there numerous large and small scale coil powder coating lines. The vantages of the pre-rolled coil powder coating are obvious: High hardness, production stability, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient.

        However, because the powder coating is twice as thick, even though the powder coating saves on disposal costs of large amounts of solvents and solvent combustion, the cost is still far greater than that of the liquid coating.

        Ultrafine Powder can cut the film thickness by half, matching or close to matching the thickness of the liquid coating, completely solving the problem of cost. Pre-rolled powder coating has great development potential. It is significantly environmentally friendly, and currently one of Fineshine’s key development projects.

        We take the lead in testing this product on Aluminum, using the powder coating to produce Aluminum panels, getting results that show that the product not only has great performance, but can also reduced spending costs, and can create aesthetic designs and patterns that liquid coating can not. Another reason why the coil powder coating on Aluminum panels is so popular is because many small scaled Aluminum coil coating plants have not installed large solvent combustion processing equipment. The problem of emissions forces the production process to halt.

        Switching to powder coating becomes a rather necessary choice. Any liquid coating assembly line can be easily modified to suit rolled material powder coating processing. The coating technology and equipment for this program is still in the process of improvement, requiring us to make efforts to promote the development of this product in the industry. For further information, please contact Fineshine.