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Ultrafine Super Durable Powder coatings

        SDFine, a type of ultra weathering resistant powder coatings, was specifically designed as a coatings with excellent weathering properties. It is meant to be used for exterior Aluminum panels and Aluminum structures, and be able to resist and withstand sunlight and environement caused corrosion, in the process protecting the structure and ensuring that your building retains it initial colours long after it is applied.

        SDFine uses resin supplied by our European business partners who offer globally the best weathering performance resin. We have also added special inorganic ceramic pigments, which used to be only used in PVDF Fluoropolymer coatings, to ensure that its colour remains lastingly unchanged. The ultra-weathering resistant resin and the inorganic ceramic pigments have both undergone 10 years of Florida’s exposure tests and have received verification and classification as "valuable and expensive raw materials".

        The excellent performance of our product has numerous case examples around the globe to support it, having satisfied the AAMA 2604 international standards. Fineshine has also signed a 10 year quality assurance contract to ensure the best of quality.

Like other coatings from Fineshine, SDFine uses Fineshine's exclusive Ultrafine Powder coatings technology, achieving a coating with super high smoothness with a very thin coating layer. This effect greatly improves the quality of the product while reducing its thickness, shaving off from the high cost that coating plants pay for while still obtaining a coating with ultra weathering resistant properties, attributed to the expensive resin and pigments it contains. Its unique combination of high quality and low cost is one of SDFine's TM unique characteristics.

The Fluoropolymer coating, the ultra-weathering resistant coating, and the pure polyester coating respectively are now considered the high, mid, and low-end products for Aluminum coatings. The main coating supplied to the European market is the ultra-weathering coating. The fluoropolymer and pure polyester coating are comparably less in demand. In past years, China almost completely used the pure polyester coating.

        However now, increasing amounts of the fluoropolymer and ultra-weathering resistant coating are being used. SDFine acquires the advantages brought on by Ultrafine Powder technology, while maintaining the outstanding weathering performance of the coating. It has both increased smoothness and a greatly reduced cost. SDFine brings about direct economic benefits and promotes the development of high-end products as such.

        SDFine powder coatings are environmentally friendly, efficient, energy saving, and of very high quality. It uses conventional powder coating equipment in production. The colour and gloss of the coating can be specified, based on customer needs and requirements. Fineshine‘s colour specialists can directly assist architects and proprietors regarding colour and coatings related information. If in need of assistance, please contact us.

Properties of SDFine

  • super durable
  • higher hardness, anti-scratch properties, and easier colouration control comparied to liquid coatings
  • provides better protection for the building
  • can be made on a conventional powder coating lines, but requires higher tempeatures
  • uses revolutionary breakthrough technology to obtain with a surface smoothness close to that of liquid coatings
  • there is a license system in place to ensure coatings of the highest quality
SDfine Warranty