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  Markets and Applications

Fineshine provides a complete line of powder coatings for architectural applications. This includes Aluminum profiles, Aluminum composite panels, Aluminum veneers, metal ceilings, and steel structures. Our line of products is orientated towards customers, architects, home furnishing companies, interior designers, and coatings manufacturering companies. Based on the needs of the customer, Fineshine can add properties to better accommodate the structure such as the colour choice. We can also assist customers in colour customization services.


  Automotive Industry

The automobile industry already uses powder coatings on many its component parts, but because of the degree of smoothness required, powder coatings has yet to used on the cars' exterior body. Ultrafine Powder is the next step in powder coatings and may completely replace current liquid car coatings. Fineshine’s research and development team are collaborating with automobile manufacturers, and a currently working on this type of powder coating.


  General Industry
Fineshine offers a full range of polyester, pe-epoxy, Acrylic, polyurethane and Nylon powder; coatings for metals, plastics, and wood. These series of these special products employ the innovative Ultrafine Powder Technology.


Fineshine has given architects and designers new choices by pitching a new line of patterned coatings. This includes our unique Polyfine product that is uses Ultrafine Powder Technology. We also offer a complete range of powder coatings for furniture parts.

  Home Appliances
The appliances industry has always been a big user of powder coatings, and having constant quality and continuous innovation are important factors in the industry. Because of our unique high quality line of products, Fineshine is a valuable supplier to many in the household appliances industry.

  Application Equipment
Fineshine is an all around supplier of household appliance manufacturing companies. We aim to fulfill the end users needs with our powder coatings product. Based on Ultrafine Powder technology, our line of Ultrafine products for application equipment greatly reduce costs while maintaining its high quality.